A Late Night Talk: Benefits of Speed

In this captured moment I have a conversation with Sharra about music and fashion. How individual’s problem are real to that person no matter how big nor small. We talk about the physical and mental benefits of speed in business and creativity. Also, when it comes to being to slow in the creative process, how doubt and validation creeps in.

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Begotten Thought: The DNA in The Sound

In this experience, I give a quick update on giving my Youtube page a refresher and how learning certain photoshop techniques in the past helped. My inspiration of being a Producer. Then I dive into why my sound is so different and why now is the best time in the music industry to have a sound that stands out. Also, I explain a little more about my DNA which is put into the sound and why you can know that it's me when you hear a song outside of hearing the same elements in every track. This is an episode that you will want to save to reference it years from now! 

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Finding Value

In this episode I make my come back, after being away for a month I come back with the intent to bring even more content to the podcast. I give an update on operations and the new plugins I'm playing with from EastWest Sounds. A problem occurred with one of the plugins but the way I presented the situation to customer service brought a different view to all parties. I also speak on the belief I adopted about life and how it's not happening to us. 

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Begotten Thought: Time Fly In Dubai

In this captured moment I give a recap of the time I had in Dubai. After seeing the structures and the culture there, I give my takeaway of being there. Why I say I must be wealthy. Having a layover in Germany, with our little adventure, how I used what I learned in Brazil to enjoy our stay in Frankfurt. I speak on the many benefits of travel and enjoying a culture even though you may not agree with all of it's practices. I also speak on paying the price after breaking one of the audio engineer's cardinal rule.

What's your dream destination? When do you believe you will be able to make the trip? Let me know here or by email: www.begottensounds.com/begotten-experience/2017/9/28/begotten-thought-time-fly-in-dubai


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Begotten Thought: A/B Testing And Support

In this captured moment, I give an update on my A/B testing I did with my ads for Facebook, Instagram and video vs. picture. Also the surprising results I found with the testing and the unexpected social media platform that is giving more results. Then I speak on a way of supporting a friend which makes everyone happy, which doesn't mean that you must buy whatever your friend is selling! 

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Begotten Thought: Inspiration Is For Amateurs

In this captured thought I speak on the positive aspect a deadline can have on your creativity. The benefits I'm seeing from my work on #BegottenSonDay. The effect an individual can have on others they don't even know. How waiting until you're inspired is an amateur's move. What I learned from the writer - which I couldn't remember during my talk - Chuck Close about how to be a professional Creative. The quote mentioned in the podcast from him is "Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just sit down and get to work."

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Begotten Thought: Taking Action in Down Time

During my down time I decided to maximize my time by talking about how to take action during your down time :-). I talk about how I use my time when I can not change my current situation. How I use my time when I'm driving. Also, I touch on the ways I'm able to get myself into action when I am not in the right emotional mindset to want to do much of anything. 

Do you find productive things to do in those small moments? If so, what do you do and what ways do you get yourself into action when you don't feel like it? Leave a comment, visit http://www.begottensounds.com/begotten-experience

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Windshield Time: Choices and Virtues

In this captured moment my father and I talk about sticking to the basics in work and life. The cost of entry to see if entrepreneurship is for you is low enough for people to at least test their curiosity. My reason why I think all inventors are lazy. Conversations of the hardest fight we go through and the importance of working to stick to your virtues, sculpting your character. We also touch on the spiritual or cosmic aspect of energy moving in and out of the nature of a person. I give my understanding on why you become like the people you hang around.


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A Late Night Talk: Vision And Fears

In today's captured moment I have a late night conversation with stylist, Sharra of sharragreenestyling.com. We have in depth convo about what keeps us going and what makes us afraid of quitting on our dreams when times are hard. The scary thoughts that actually keeps us going. Also, knowing that when you break through, your trials will be a testimony for others that you touch. I talk about the power of reading the drama of Napoleon Hill while he was in the mist of writing Think and Grow Rich. We touch on the immediate reward you receive when you work past the moment you feel like quitting. We also share our feelings about the spiritual side of the grind that either keeps us back or push us forward. If you feel that this conversation is something that will benefit someone, please share!

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Windshield Time: Life Design

In this captured moment, I have a conversation with my father while driving about how a person's intention of what he or she may want to achieve in life dictates what we settle for in life. The roadmap that you set for yourself guides your ambitions and determines your hunger to become a bigger person. There are no staying the same, if you want a comfortable life, then you actually have to get uncomfortable for a time to get that comfort level. Let me know if you enjoyed the talk, visit www.begottensounds.com for more creativity and hope over to www.begottenlife.com for inspiration. Comment and Share :)

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An Introduction to Begotten Son

This is a quick introduction to who I am. My reasons of choosing the entrepreneurial route even though it's "riskier" and a much rockier road. How the growth in my business helped me understand myself at a deeper level; at a time where I thought something was wrong with me because I didn't care for work and many classes in college.  I speak on the influences in life that contributes to my music production sound. The magnetic force music had on me that redirected my path. This introduction is the beginning, in the eye of the media, of my journey on the road to my success. Welcome to the process and the beginning of the documented story. Let me know your passions and what keeps you motivated!

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