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No more leasing a track to call your own, only to have a dozen other artists who leased the same track calling it their own. This is your sound, your music, so why not treat it as such? Each track is made with you in mind

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It’s time to have your sound. Get a true exclusive, A track that’s solely for you. You will know for sure that no other artists is using the same track. It is exclusively your sound.

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No more cherry picking through stock tracks hoping to find one that will fit your vibe.

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Custom made just for you, this is your sound. After a creative call, a track will be made with your feel, your vibe, your style in mind.

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No More Cookie cutter beats pre-formatted the traditional way; 16 bars, hook, 16 bars, hook, etc. No more having to write around the beat your given only having to stick with what’s already there.

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We’re making music, we’re making art. The producer’s job isn’t done after making a beat. The artist isn’t done after creating the lyrics. it’s time to craft the song. You want the traditional? you got it. you want to finesse the song? Let’s do it. This is our art, let’s create it as such.

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